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Study abroad-a dream or a reality? How to learn? Where to study? How do I get a scholarship? A million questions, right? Studying in an international environment is an opportunity to look at the world in a new way and learn new ones. Meet new friends from every corner of the world. Today we can all be citizens of the world and build bridges instead of walls. Therefore, if you dream of studying at a foreign university, join our community!

My name is Elina, I am a graduate of tower and top French bizes-school ESCP Europe and I have created this project to help students to exchange experience of study abroad. The internet has a lot of information, forums and agencies that are ready to offer you their services. But my task is to gather here inspiring stories of guys who could. You will learn about what is not told on the official websites of universities and business schools. Only personal experience. From students to students.

Now the site has a lot of information about French education (my personal experience and experience of my friends), but we are at the beginning of a great journey and soon there will be stories from around the world. So if you’ve studied abroad and want to share your story, write to me at sarazetdinova.e@gmail.com:)

Let your dreams come true!

Your Elina

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