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Anastasia Belugina

A piece of advice to the future students:

"Take into considerations the following aspects: why do you to this country - to find a job and stay, or to have a fun for a year?"

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Anastasia Tell me panda

From:  Russia, Moscow

Studied in: France, Paris

Studies start: 2016

Grade: Master

Program: Master in Management Grande Ecole

University: ESSEC Business School

Program satisfaction rate: 5/5

Internship: yes

Job: found after graduation

🎓 Application


How did you learn about this program?
Online, master & mba fairs, French people


Why did you decide to enrol in this program?
Prestige of the school, scholarship, LVMH chair, apprenticeship opportunity

What was your application experience?
First theres a dossier made of CV, GMAT note, transcripts and essays (What matters the most? and motivational letter). Those who pass this step are invited to an interview by Skype or on campus. I went on campus and the interview was very classic (motivations, career plans, why ESSEC, leadership examples). there is no age or nationality constraint.

Level of English required to enter this program?
 IELTS 6.5 + GMAT good enough (no particular score requirement, but 600 considered usual minimum)


Level of French required to enter this program?
not required at all but there are French classes you can follow if you speak French

💡 Your impressions from your study abroad experience

What are you general impressions about this program?
My best experience was LVMH Chair. Otherwise great program, teachers are often professionals, some are better than others of course. A lot of group work, as in any good business school. Basic management courses as well as very specific and interesting ones (negotiation , luxury retail excellence, consulting practice, and so on )

What was the major program value for you?
School name and apprenticeship

What did you like about this program?

And what didn’t you like?
The fact that AST and ASTI do not mix with ASC. No notion of “promotion” – all classes are mixed. And well its in Cergy – I live in Paris and because of it I missed all student parties and events.Not enough math subjects.))

What is the hardest part of studying abroad?
Bureaucracy and humiliating paperwork and administration. Very negative perception of Western countries promoted in Russia which I have to face every time I go back home

How did you your typical day look like?

Is this experience different from your experience at your country’s university? If yes, how?

📌 Useful resources

If you had questions or issues (studies, language, administration, careers, integration etc), where did you get help/advice?
Hmm, I’d say nowhere. From other foreign friends who were as uninformed as me.

Did you contact other students with the similar experience? Was their experience helpful?
I didn’t before my first program, and it was quite a mistake, I did before ESSEC though. It reassured me in my choice.

Could you recommend websites which might be helpful for studying abroad?

Elina’s blog Tell me Panda – first of the kind. My blog about Paris & business education В контакте есть группа Стипендиаты французского правительства, которая сейчас не очень активна, но ранее там успели обсудить много важных вопросов в целом по обучению во Франции.


What was the cost of your program? How did you finance your studies?
36000 euros for 2 years. Loan from a friend, scholarship , then apprenticeship

🏠 Accommodation

What was your accommodation experience?
Renting with the french boyfriend! My first years in France I rented through Lodgis, agency for foreigners, which accepted my foreign guarantors but overpriced their apartments.

How much did you pay for living per month during your studies?
1000 euros a month if you need to pay accommodation all by yourself

🚀 Career opportunities

Did you do an internship during your studies? How did you find it?
Yes, in Loreal,  through direct application on the website.

Did your university help you in this process?

What was the field of your internship? If you don’t mind please share the remuneration you got.
Marketing , luxury, now also retail and digital, I consider consulting as career option

Did you find a job after graduation? Which field and how did you find it?
Yes, in strategic consulting.


🌏 Your future plans

What are your plans? Do you plan to stay in the country? 
Yes. Stay here, work in luxury consulting, apply for Passport Talent and then nationality.

What do you like about France? And what not?
One can write a book about it… i am writing a blog. I have been in love with France since 11 years old so of course I love its culture, history, people, food, language , I love Paris and parisian lifestyle.I mostly appreciate, however, the treatment I get here as a woman.

Could you give a piece of advice to the future students?
Take into considerations the following aspects: why do you to this country – to find a job and stay, or to have a fun for a year? How prestigious and recognised is the school? Where do alumni work? For France : does it give APS rights?


Date: May 2018

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