FAQ for ESCP double degree student from Russia

1. Once you decided to choose double degree program … or WHY ESCP Europe? Program? ESCP Europe, Paris campus Master in Management, ranked 4th worldwide in 2017 Double degree program Language? French or English Note: it is up to you, even if you choose courses in French, you can pass your exams in English. Academic training? Core courses Electives Research Project (master thesis)...
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Hi and welcome to «Tell me, panda» :)

Hi and welcome to "Tell me, panda" :) How to study abroad? Where to study? How to get a scholarship? So many questions, right?  Ask panda. Why panda? Because it is nice :) White and black and Asian (remember this picture ;) ?) and it wants us to be citizens of the world. So do I. I am Elina and I launched this project to help students all over the world share their experience of studying...
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